LEARN: Summer SALSA /BACHATA in the Valley

DATE: 7/1/2022
WHERE: Louise McKinney Park, 9999 Grierson Hill NW, Edmonton
WHEN: July and Aug startups
CONTACT INFO:780-906-7939
TICKET INFO: $85+Tax/person or $170+tax /couple
Welcoming singles or couples to learn some partner dancing in the Latin style of Bachata! Straight from the Dominican Republic, this modernized style of this dance will have you addicted in no time. Easy and super fun dance!

BACHATA Lev 1: 4 wks

Welcoming as well singles or couples to learn this partner dance. Its the most popular dance we have hence our company name but you will get hooked on the music plus the dance that goes with it. Meant to get you learning the skill of leading and following at a sophisticated level, you won't regret taking this class. Plus in the confines of being outdoors in the river valley!

SALSA Lev 1: 4 wks

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