LEARN: New Years Eve Latin Survival Workshop

DATE: 12/27/2017
WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studios, 10923-101 st NW, Edmonton, AB
WHEN: Dec 27 & 28 from 7-9pm
CONTACT INFO:1-888-337-3635 or 780-906-7939
TICKET INFO: $70+tax/person or $130+tax/person

Feeling a bit nervous about going to a Latin New Years Eve party and not prepared for the dance portion of the evening? We have the solution for you! This is a quick crash course to make you look good all night! We will supply the alcohol for the course. KIDDING!! This will cover 2 dances and the bare basics to get you through the night! We will even add some cool moves to impress your date or friends! On 2 nights before NYE and 2hrs each night. This will cover Salsa basics and Bachata basics. If you are single, please register earlier so we can find a partner for you with time. Wednesday night will cover SALSA! Thursday night BACHATA! You will also be able to register for just one night if you want to dance more one than the other. Your pick! One or the Other or BOTH!!

2 NIGHTS - $70+tax single or $130+tax couple

1 NIGHTS - $40+tax single or $75+tax couple

(last minute registration $10 late fee/person)

4 hrs over 2 nights on Wed Dec 27 (Salsa) & Thurs Dec 28 (Bachata) or 2 hrs over 1 night (select one)

$70+tax single or $130+tax couple

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